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Imvax Hosts Students on Virtual Field Trip

May 19, 2021


Imvax is a clinical-stage biotechnology company with a unique immunotherapy approach to solid tumors.

The approach is an autologous, cell-based treatment that activates the full array of patient-specific antigens, resulting in both an innate and adaptive immune response. The company’s lead program is in glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer with a significant unmet need. In parallel, the company is also progressing the platform in a select number of additional solid tumors where the unmet need remains great and where initial immunotherapy approaches have often failed to provide a significant benefit.


At Imvax we strive to create an environment that will challenge, motivate, and reward our employees for meeting the changing demands of creating breakthrough therapeutics. Imvax has a highly collaborative structure that integrates co-workers with different skill sets. Imvax is located in the heart of historical Philadelphia in the Curtis Building where we have in-house state of the art labs and office space overlooking Washington Square.